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Crisis Response: Protecting Your Name and Your Brand: My Interview with Dorie Clark
In this teleconference, Dorie Clark will share with you strategies, tactics, tips, and suggestions on how to prepare your business or organization to respond to a crisis both internally and externally. You will walk away with new ideas on how to:
  • Effectively work with the media after a crisis
  • Inspire and lead your employees when chaos is all around you
  • Communicate with your supply chain and key stakeholders
  • Protect your brand
(60 minutes) $19.95

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Business R & R: Effectively Executing Risk and Resiliency
Are you and your business "resilient?"

  1. Springing back; rebounding.
  2. Returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.
  3. Recovering readily from adversity.
How do your people and your organization manage workplace challenges and even crises? Traditional approaches suggest that by managing risk you may be able to avoid many problems including events that are unpredictable. Risk Management is a dying and obsolete concept.

In addition to business issues, employees from the top on down face many personal and professional issues that cause distress and result in decreased productivity. The new rule for businesses is to build a culture of resilience into your workplace that helps you deal with crises of any kind-Events that are planned such as layoffs; events that are unplanned such as fire or theft. The truth is that every company and their employees, regardless of size, face these and many other types of crises every year.

The ability of your company and your people to be resilient---to prepare, navigate in real time and bounce back from adversity is a critical factor for success in today's ever-changing workplace.

This teleconference features Dan and Pittsburgh-based consultant Richard Citrin discussing how to effectively strategize and respond to crisis in order to become a resilient organization.

(60 minutes) $19.95

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Legendary Leadership: Cool in Crisis
Crisis and risk management requires "legendary leadership." Businesses deal in crises regularly. How you respond will determine your survival, and your ability to thrive in the face of crisis. This teleconference will help business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to effectively identify, analyze, and communicate your response to crisis.

(45 min) $19.95

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Other Items

Eight Cool Rules for Better Insurance Buying Booklet - $25.00
By Dan Weedin, CIC
38 pages
Your investment: $25.00

Whether you're purchasing insurance for the first time or renewing your policy, you'll find valuable information to help make the process easier:
  • Qualities to look for in an insurance agent - Make sure your agent meets your needs.
  • 8 rules for bidding your small-business insurance - Save time, money and aggravation, without compromising your coverage.
  • Important terminology you need to know - Cut through the insurance gibberish and understand better what you're buying.
Bonus Material Includes:
  • Eight Simple Rules Checklist
  • Questions to Ask Insurance Agents
  • Types of Insurance You Might Need
  • Business Income Worksheet
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Eight Cool Rules for Better Insurance Buying e-Book - $12.95
The same information as the booklet, but this is on PDF. The e-Book will be e-mailed to you upon purchase.

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Insurance Hot Line - $500.00
Have you ever needed a straight answer? You call me with your insurance or risk management problem and you'll get the information and advice you need. You even get 7 days of unlimited e-mail follow-up to make sure you close the issue. The fee for a one-hour call and e-mail service is $500.

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Your Personal Insurance Survival Guide booklet - $10.00
By Dan Weedin, CIC
48 pages
Your investment: $10.00
v This book focuses on your personal insurance, offering information on auto, homeowners, life, disability, and umbrella insurance policies, to name a few. It also has case studies to help you see how the different insurance coverages work in real-life situations and shows you how to compare buying through agents with shopping online.

If you are frustrated with your personal insurance or would just like some help understanding it, this report is for you.

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Your Personal Insurance Survival Guide e-Book - $4.95
The same information as the booklet, but this is on PDF. The e-Book will be e-mailed to you upon purchase.

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Dan Weedin, Insurance Go2Guy and expert Insurance Consultant, helps insurance buyers who want to save money by lowering their total cost of insurance.
"Dan has worked with our staff to refine our Company Safety Standards and policies. He has prepared and presented clear and concise programs on various safety topics relevant to our business."

Kevin Ryan - Tim Ryan Construction, Inc.