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Changing the Game: Converting occupational risk into opportunities to grow
How to change the culture of your occupational health and safety management in your organization to not only save you money and reduce your liability risk; but to improve morale, heighten productivity, and enhance your reputation.

Bounce Back: How to become a resilient organization after crisis
How to prepare, plan, and practice to survive and thrive any crisis.

Boiling the Frog: Is your business being cooked and you don't even know it?
Creating crisis balance to keep your business out of hot water.

Beyond Fires & Floods
A comprehensive look at emerging risks and strategies to avoid, mitigate, and respond.

The Consultants Cook Book
A series of presentations meant to dramatically accelerate business and development for consultants.

Storytelling Secrets for Better Business Presentations
Using stories to effectively and powerfully herald your message.

Jokers Wild
Using humor to dramatically advance your message in any setting.

Workplace Safety

Hazardous Communication Standards
Are your employees getting sick of working at your business? If you don't take precautions in training them on how to handle hazardous materials, they just might! To make matters more serious, the federal government requires many employers to train employees on their Right to Know. I will come in and hold a special workshop just for your employees.

Heat-Related Illness & Injury
Dehydration, heatstroke, poor performance, and even death can result from not dealing with the heat. As an employer that has employees working in the hot weather, it's your responsibility to raise the awareness (not the heat) of your employees on how to be safe. Your state may also make it a requirement. Let me come in and help your employees beat the heat.

Ergonomics Safety
Computer-related illness and injury accounts for 50% of workers compensation claims. As employees spend more time sitting at their desk glued to a monitor, those numbers will increase. Help your employees to stay healthy and protect your bottom line.

Other popular topics - Fall Protection, Office safety, Close Calls, Stretching, Safe Lifting, Driving Safety, and Eye/Hearing Safety.

For Athletic Coaches

Sex, Lies, and Violence: How to Protect Yourself from Liability In and Out of the Classroom
Being a teacher/coach in today's litigious society has more peril than ever before. Teachers, coaches and all others who work with youth need to be armed with knowledge and methods to protect themselves from accusations and scandal. This workshop will get right to the heart of the matter with education and prevention tips, including how technology can ruin your career. I've coached and mentored youth for over 15 years and am a risk management consultant with nearly twenty years experience in the industry. I can provide valuable strategies for you to protect your good name.

Developing a Game Plan for Head Injuries
Regardless of what sport you coach, head injuries are a major concern for the health of your athlete. Don't compromise on this issue. This program will help you develop a game plan to prevent and deal with head injuries in your program. Protect your athletes from serious harm and yourself from lawsuit.

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