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"We have found Dan's expertise to be of tremendous help. He saved us a TON of time by overseeing the overall process. He was quick to respond and always had the advice and answers we needed. We saved over $15,000 on our renewal this year. It's been a pleasure working with him."

~ Michelle Dvorak, Business Operations Manager - Paladin Data Systems Corporation

"Dan has handled our multi-state insurance contract renewals for several years as an independent consultant, not as a broker or agent, and assists us on a wide variety of issues relating to insurance coverages, safety, training, and workers compensation. His integrity and ability are of the highest quality and we have achieved measurable results in the form of dramatically lowered insurance premiums and accidents."

~ Kyle Kincaid, Vice President - Parker Lumber Company, Inc.

"Dan's efforts were invaluable in bringing our insurance issue to a successful conclusion. He produced an insurance renewal without the typical stress and last minute decisions, which have plagued this process in the past. We are very satisfied with the results of Dan's efforts and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others."

~ Keith Elledge, General Manager - Evergreen Lumber, Inc.

"Dan has worked with our staff to refine our Company Safety Standards and policies. He has prepared and presented clear and concise programs on various safety topics relevant to our business. The employees are encouraged to be active participants in the discussions... It has been a pleasure working with Dan and we look forward to a continued working relationship with him."

~ Kevin Ryan, Vice-President - Tim Ryan Construction, Inc.

"The decision to bring Dan on board has proven to be an invaluable one. He has completely taken charge of my situation and delivered exceptional results, always with my best interest in mind. From both a professional and personal standpoint, I no longer have any doubts that I have the proper insurance coverage at the best price. Dan's work has afforded me a peace of mind that I would not have achieved on my own."

~ Paul Carlson, President - A.L.P. Group, Inc.

"Dan is the type of person you can trust in any capacity to make sure things are done right. That's why we hired him to take care of our corporate insurance. He has gone beyond the call of duty..."

~ David Rill, President - Rill's Life Tribute Center

"Today we have better coverage and pay less. It's a win-win. He did a great job for us and will do a great job for you, too."

~ Joe Adams, CEO - 1st Security Bank of Washington.

"Apple Physical Therapy has been in business for 26 years and it is the first time we have had an insurance audit conducted. The audit provided valuable information to insure appropriate insurance coverage at all levels of my business. Dan Weedin of Toro Consulting provided a detailed analysis of our possible liabilities and provided recommendations for improvements to our current insurance policies. We made several changes following his audit, based upon his recommendations, which we feel will prevent any unnecessary losses in the future. I would recommend that every company have an audit done every few years to reevaluate their insurance policies."

~ Randy Johnson, CEO - Apple Physical Therapy

"The work that Dan did for Martha & Mary was extremely helpful. Our management team and Board of Trustees valued his independent analysis. His findings gave us peace of mind on some issues that we had not had until we got Dan's report. His work was timely and quality - both trademarks of consultants we like working with on projects."

~ Chad Solvie, CEO, Martha & Mary Health Care

"Dan's services have been very helpful to our Coaches Association. It's been very valuable because he gives us the answers we need to have. We appreciate his insight and expertise."

~ Jerry Parrish, Executive Secretary - Washington State Coaches Association

"Dan Weedin has the rare capability of helping customers by turning abstract concepts into tangible benefits, bringing an entirely more dramatic sales process to insurance sales and related services."

~ Alan Weiss, The Million Dollar Consultant ®

"Dan provided great clarity to a variety of insurance challenges we face in serving our clients in sales, leasing and management of commercial real estate. We're now connecting Dan directly with our individual clients, and looking forward to our next staff meeting with him."

~ Vic Ulsh - Bradley Scott, Inc.

"Dan was great at helping us consider our insurance needs, find areas that we could adjust and make sure that things did not fall through the cracks in our insurance coverage. He made recommendations based on his years of being an insurance insider that we found very helpful in making our decisions. Someday maybe we'll understand insurance better than astigmatism, but until then it's nice to know Dan will be there helping us make wise choices."

~ Dr's Mike McCown, Jon Willems, and Mitch Brockett - 20/20 Eyecare Centers

"There are many important financial decisions that entrepreneurs need to make everyday, and one of the most important is ensuring that all areas of risk are covered. Dan Weedin is the consummate professional as an insurance consultant. He took the time to answer my questions as though the outcome of the decision was affecting his own family. That kind of service is a rare find in today's business world."

~ Karen Fuqua, President - Fuqua Consulting Group, LLC

"We found Dan at a time when we were in transition away from our long-term property / casualty broker. We found ourselves needing to find a new broker and Dan was very helpful in guiding us through the process of establishing our criteria and then interviewing and selecting a new broker. He gave us some specific points to focus on and even a list of potential new brokers. We selected one of those and found a great professional and ended up lowering our annual costs as well. Dan's fees were money well spent on this project."

~ Milt Vine, President - Seattle Bindery

"Inviting Dan Weedin to review our insurance information is one of the most valuable business contacts we have made. Dan's professionalism, experience, and knowledge has given us the tools to make informed decisions regarding our business. Along with these valuable tools, is the peace of mind and security that comes with it."

~ David Godbolt, President - Sentinel Construction and Consulting, Inc.

"After years of having our insurance in a total chaotic state, we hired Dan to make sense of it all and try to give us the best coverage at a competitive price. Dan provided not only a variety of affordable options, but also helped us gain more coverage for less money. His excellent customer service, terrific follow-through, and realistic approach made the insurance process a piece of cake."

~ Shane and Jenn Putnam, Owners- Jennergy, Inc.

"You stayed within the goals you promised and it was hassle free. You were there during the entire process with the new company. This experience was very satisfying."

~ Danny Fritts, Owner - DEF Productions

"It doesn't take long to realize Dan is an expert at everything he does. He performs with passion and delivers results up to and beyond expectation. Dan is a man of knowledge and integrity."

~ Jeff Collins, President - My Haberdasher

"Dan was one of our international speakers at "Occupational Health and Safety Management Summit 2011". He is not just an excellent speaker on his field -knowledgeable, energetic, inspirational- but also a great partner. He was absolutely committed with all the activities and elements that were part of the event: the logistic, the presentation and speech, the marketing, media and communication activities etc. If you want to have not just a speaker, but also a partner, there is no doubt: You have to contact Dan Weedin."

~ Maria Angelica Guzman - America Empresarial

"Dan is totally committed to his clients and finds creative ways for them to save money. You would have to look hard to find someone who has better skills and experience than Dan."

~ Pete McDowell, Agent - New York Life

"Dan Weedin is a serious and trusted professional. He is the go to guy to answer your insurance questions. Dan helps you understand your options, guide you and help you make smart decisions."

~ Aviv Shahar, Leadership Consultant

"I know I thanked you for your great service at the time you looked at my policy and gave me some great options. Now that I have had to use the policy, I wanted to let you know what a blessing the policy change was - so worth the move. If it had not been for you, I know I would really be in trouble right now."

~ Fae Smith

"Great energy in your presentation to our coaches."

~ Danny Beard, Senior Vice-President - NBC Camps (Spokane, WA)

"Dan's conference session was absolutely interesting, motivating, complete and innovative. I didn't expect to find myself in the presence of a true leader with excellent command of the stage, skilled with words, and with the ability to make himself so easily understood."

~ Maritza Castro - America Empresarial

"Your insurance assessment was very helpful and timely. Due to your expert knowledge and advice, I was able to ask and obtain waivers for 2-3 insurances on the list of requirements by my client. You gave credibility and strength to my argument against paying for unneeded insurances. In pricing these additional insurances out with my insurance agents, it proves that the investment with you was well worth it!"

~ Amy Kelling, President – KellConsult, LLC (Columbus, OH)

Dan with client Kevin Ryan
Dan with client Kevin Ryan
"Dan's efforts were invaluable in bringing our insurance issue to a successful conclusion. He produced an insurance renewal without the typical stress and last minute decisions, which have plagued this process in the past. "

Keith Elledge, General Manager - Evergreen Lumber, Inc.